Organic & Paid Media 

Craft Beer Residency

Client :
The Crown & Greyhound
Location :
South London
Category :
Organic & Paid Media 

The Challenge

We embarked on an exciting venture to create a stop-motion animation to promote a craft beer tasting event at a local pub, The Crown & Greyhound. The challenge was to craft something truly engaging that would captivate the audience. To ensure a seamless shooting process, we decided to film overnight when the pub was closed, allowing us to have complete creative control over the set.

The Result

The result was a visually captivating and entertaining animation that effectively conveyed the essence of the event. The success of the campaign was evident as the event drew a packed crowd, with attendees mentioning the ad and its impact. It was truly rewarding to see the fruitful outcome of our efforts in driving engagement and creating a buzz around The Crown & Greyhound's craft beer tasting event.

The Crown & Greyhound pub was hosting an event to promote craft beers and sought to create a fun and engaging video for a paid media ad.

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