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Organic & Paid Media 

The Challenge

Omniore, a luxury brand with a strong social media following and a vibrant community of creators generating user-generated content (UGC), is facing a challenge. While UGC helps drive engagement, it can sometimes create a perception of the brand as being more affordable or less high-end. As a result, Omniore is seeking content that effectively showcases their status as a luxury brand, striking a balance between user-generated authenticity and maintaining a sense of sophistication and exclusivity.

The Solution

Happenin Studio had the honor of undertaking the work for esteemed partner Mabane Media. With their creative guidance, we seamlessly managed the entire production process. From styling and photography to model selection, retouching, colour grading, and video editing, our expert team skilfully executed each task. The outcome was truly remarkable, reflecting the desired look and feel envisioned by the client. By paying meticulous attention to detail and maintaining unwavering dedication to excellence, we ensured that the final deliverables exuded an authentic sense of luxury and sophistication. The collaborative efforts between Happenin Studio and Mabane Media resulted in an impressive outcome that left both parties delighted with the exceptional results achieved.

The Result

The outcome was nothing short of exceptional, as the creative content we produced delivered outstanding results in the realm of paid media. The meticulously crafted visuals and engaging storytelling captivated audiences, leading to remarkable success in paid advertising campaigns. Our collaborative efforts resulted in a powerful blend of artistry and strategic execution, generating significant traction, increased brand visibility, and a surge in customer engagement. The impact of our work surpassed all expectations, showcasing the true power of creative excellence in driving remarkable results in the realm of paid media.

We partnered with Mabane Media to create a stunning collection of video and stills for both paid and organic media.

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