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OnPoint Health
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YouTube Paid Ad

The Challenge

Mabane Media faced a challenge when tasked with creating an explainer video for their client, OnPoint Health. OnPoint Health provides online drug testing services, and Mabane Media was responsible for developing a YouTube video that effectively communicated the benefits and functionality of their service. The goal was to deliver a compelling video that showcased the convenience and reliability of OnPoint Health's online drug testing platform.

The Result

To address the challenge, we developed a solution in the form of a 2D motion graphics explainer video. This engaging video effectively highlighted the advantages of opting for online drug testing with OnPoint Health compared to visiting a medical center. Through visually appealing animations and clear messaging, we outlined the key differentiators, emphasising the convenience, accessibility, and efficiency of their online drug testing service. By utilising motion graphics, we successfully conveyed the benefits of choosing OnPoint Health while simplifying the complex process of drug testing, ultimately helping viewers understand the advantages of their online solution.

We made a explainer video for OnPoint Health in collaboration with Mabane Media

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