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Product Explainer Videos

The Challenge

As part of my collaboration with Flashbay in the branded promotional items industry, one of the key challenges was to create a captivating stop-motion explainer video for their products. The goal was to showcase how each product could be personalised with the company logo, highlighting the brand's exceptional service in creating branded promotional items. Additionally, I incorporated the diverse colour range and highlighted the unique features of each product in the video. By combining visual creativity and informative content, we successfully conveyed the value and versatility of their offerings, engaging viewers and demonstrating the endless possibilities for customisation.

The Result

Through my extensive experience and dedication to delivering top-notch solutions, I proudly created over 35 impactful explainer videos in 21 different languages. By strategically placing these videos on the product selling pages, we witnessed a remarkable 20% increase in sales. This tangible growth can be attributed to the compelling combination of informative visuals and engaging storytelling. The seamless integration of the brand's offerings within the videos effectively communicated their value, resonating with customers worldwide and driving their purchasing decisions.

For Flashbay I created explainer videos for their electrical products.

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