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Friends of the Earth

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Friends of the Earth
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Organic & Paid Media 

The Challenge

Friends of the Earth had an exciting task at hand: transforming approved scripts into captivating motion graphic paid media videos. With many stakeholders involved and the sensitive nature of the topics, it was essential to strike the perfect tone. We needed to weave together diverse feedback into a seamless, engaging ad that not only resonated but also sparked action.

The Result

The outcome has been fantastic! Our ads for Friends of the Earth inspired a large number of people to become regular donors. These creative ads have not only resonated deeply but have also stood out as their top-performing paid media for over a year. This incredible success showcases the power and longevity of their messaging, driving ongoing engagement and support.

At Friends of the Earth, our focus is on creating captivating paid media videos. Additionally, we have expertise in photography and have developed an engaging AR filter for our social platforms.

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