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The Challenge

When tasked with promoting Greggs' delectable food in a delightful and humorous way, We embraced the challenge with enthusiasm. The goal was to create content that not only showcased the mouthwatering goodness of their offerings but also entertained and brought a smile to the audience's faces. Combining creativity and wit, I developed engaging videos and captivating stills that infused humor into the presentation of their food. By striking a balance between delectable visuals and comedic elements, we aimed to create a memorable and enjoyable experience for viewers, enticing them to indulge in Greggs' delicious treats while eliciting laughter along the way.

The Result

Together, we combined the power of AR filters, a never-ending sausage roll experience, captivating stills, and engaging videos. This comprehensive approach allowed us to create a dynamic and immersive campaign that showcased the deliciousness of Greggs' food while captivating and entertaining the audience. By leveraging the synergy of these elements, we successfully promoted Greggs in a memorable and compelling way, leaving a lasting impression on customers.

For Greggs I worked with Splendid Communications to make organic and paid media content.

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