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The Challenge

The challenge was to showcase their new Christmas menu while fulfilling their request for three months' worth of content produced in a single chunk. Finding efficient solutions to deliver high-quality content at scale was key to meeting their needs. Discover how we tackled this exciting project and exceeded expectations.

The Result

Our solution was to conduct an on-site visit to one of their restaurants, where we conducted a batch photo and video shoot for their social content. Collaborating closely with one of their talented in-house chefs, we captured the essence of their new Christmas menu in captivating visuals. Back at our studio, we skillfully edited the footage into engaging videos and stunning still social posts. This streamlined approach ensured efficiency and consistency, delivering three months' worth of high-quality content that perfectly showcased Harvester's seasonal offerings.

For Harvester we worked with Splendid Communications to batch shoot content for their social channels.

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