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Online Gift Card

The Challenge

Was to promote Neil's Yard Christmas gift boxes in a meaningful way while showcasing their partnership with Friends of the Earth. They sought to incorporate the illustrated bees from the pack designs into e-cards, creating an engaging and eco-friendly gifting experience for customers. The main objective was to drive online donations to support Friends of the Earth's noble cause, harmonising the spirit of giving with environmental advocacy. By seamlessly integrating the bee illustrations into the e-cards, Neil's Yard aimed to raise awareness and encourage customers to make a positive impact on the planet while purchasing their Christmas gifts.

The Result

The success of the Christmas campaign inspired Neil's Yard to extend the initiative to Mother's Day as well. Building on the positive reception and the meaningful impact of the e-cards for Friends of the Earth, they decided to create a similar experience for customers during the Mother's Day season. This continuation allowed Neil's Yard to further promote their beautiful gift boxes while continuing to support and raise awareness for Friends of the Earth's vital environmental efforts. The heartfelt response from customers demonstrated the effectiveness of the initiative, not only as a marketing strategy but also as a way to make a difference and spread joy during special occasions.

In collaboration with Friends of the Earth we created a animated gift card for Neil's Yard.

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