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Organic & Paid Media 

The Challenge

The YMCA client required a revamp of their paid media strategy and specifically requested a refresh of their existing still image assets. They aimed to transform these images into compelling videos that would effectively engage their target audience and drive conversions on the Meta platform.

The Result

Our solution involved the creation of captivating motion graphic ads that not only exceeded the client's expectations but also helped them successfully achieve their targets. By transforming their static images into dynamic and visually stunning videos, we ensured a heightened level of engagement with their audience on the Meta platform. Additionally, we implemented strategically designed still retargeting ads to further enhance the effectiveness of their campaign. This comprehensive approach resulted in a remarkable boost in conversions and overall campaign success for the YMCA client.

Client Quote

"Our project with Happenin Studio went great! We wanted to refresh our creative for paid social and their creativity was invaluable. We are currently on track to hit our targets from the activity and I’m sure a big part of this is down to the videos we had produced. We wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Happenin Studio for any social content."

Luke McManus | Fundraising officer | YMCA

For YMCA we created Paid Media videos.

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